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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Raising Helen..

 Girlfriends are really what makes growing up SO much fun. I LOVE my girlfriends and I feel like they are part of what has made me into who I am today. I think the people (girlfriends) in our life are SOO important. We need girls to talk with, shop with, Shop with, shop with, (haha) and just go through life with. This has been one of the hardest parts about living in a foreign country... missing all my girls!!! But thank goodness for modern technology.. skype, facebook, blogging, e-mail.. at least we can still have phone dates!! :) So.. I wanted to take you on a little journey of some of the girls that I grew up with and who helped shape me into the woman I am today. I am going to do another one of these about all the girls who I went through my college years with also, BUT that will be a whole other blog!  I will try and not write a novel about each beautiful, wonderful girl!! In order of meeting the girls... the first girl I think I ever met, was my LINSEY <3  

OH mY goodness!!! When did I meet Linsey?? Well, lets just say the second I popped out of the womb! My mom had been babysitting Linsey while she was preggo with me, and little did we know that when I came out we would be glued at the hip for LIFE! We began playing in nursery together, and 22 years later.. I couldn't live without her.. literally!! Some memories of linz and I ... well, I was kind of the devil to her as we were growing up.. when I was 5 years old I cut all my hair off, put it in a shoe box out by the curb, and when I got in trouble for it my response was.."Linsey DID IT!!" "I told her to stop cutting but she wanted to cut ALL MY HAIR OFF!!" Not my best moment... pathological liar at the age of 5. Let's just say that didn't end well and I am surprised we are still so close. As we grew a little older, Linsey would have these terrible migranes EVERY time I came to spend the night. I was full of energy and did not understand why she was being SUCH a party pooper. SO, wha
 I decided to do was go play with her sister, and write mean notes to Linsey about how big of a LAMO she was being and slide them under the door. SAtan right??????? This just shows you what a forgiving heart she has... THANK GOD!!

 We had MANY sleepovers and were literally inseperable our entire life. Even through High school... we went to different schools, but it really didn't feel like it all.The main  Thing you need to know about us is.. well, I can talk linsey into doing ANYTHING(when really every idea I have is AWFUL!!!). Examples you ask?? WHy yes... driving the entire night home from cali, wearing shorts too tiny for both of us with crap written ALL on it, piercing her nose, cutting her hair, driving to see my in Joplin when I was dying without her, getting tat's together.. I could go ON and ON. But in all reality, linsey can talk me into ANYTHING as well. In our relationship, I am the annoying, crazy, silly one... and while Linsey has MANY silly sides to her, she has always been the more realistic one of the two of us.  Linsey has always been the friend that grounds me. She has soo much to offer and has always helped me take life more seriously and has always challanged me to be the best I can be. I have looked up to her my ENTIRE life... she was and is my Ro-model.. I have always wanted to be more like her.
 We both got the Honor of being each other's "Maid of Honor" in our weddings. It was a precious, surreal day for me when my linsey got married. I couldn't believe I was going to have to share her with someone... WHY?????? :) She is sooo incredible, she has a heart for missions, for helping others, for being the best wife ever, the best friend ever and one day the best mommy!! SHe is SOO dear to my heart and the very best friend in the whole world that a girl could ask for. What has she taught me?? To take life as it comes, but at the same time to make the most of it and take it seriously while having fun. She has taught me that above anything, put God first. She inspired me to go to Haiti because she had been to Africa and I wanted to be like her. And, from that I got a degree in Missions. I love you LInsey and you have forever changed my life!!!!!
                                               Kayla Perez (Meckes)
 I met Kayla when I was in the 9th grade. Her brother at the time was "hottie" of the school hahaha and thats how I knew of her. haha! But as soon as we joined Frontline together, I knew this girl was gonna be my bestie!!! It didn't take long until we began to form a friendship. We played basketball togther as well and we were "bus buddies"... We also sat at the end of the bench together for like 3 years in Basketball! (a little embarrassing yes) But when I went to Mexico with the Perez family, we really formed a bond. We shared our lives and secrets with each other and we had SOOO many laughs together. This is what I love about Kayla, we LAUGH, LAUGH, and LAUGH some more. It's amazing!!!
 Some memories of Kay and I... oh gosh... stinking worse than a man after our bball games and still not showering, air soft gun wars, loooong talks, farting (haha), eating chilli dogs, waynes dates, SHOPPING addicts together, singing frontline together, mom and daughter dates, telling her "NO" to everyboy she brought home, our weddings, and sooo many more... My senior year was a hard year... because I knew I had to graduate and leave her was time to move to college and I couldn't imagine leaving seeing her everyday and being involved in everything together. BUT Kayla and I can keep our friendship going from ANYWHERE.. (now overseas) and thats so special to me. She and I have been through so much together that I really feel like she is my sister. Our families are practically one family and I wouldn't want it any other way. What I love about Kayla is her independant spirit. She is not afraid of ANYTHING.. She will take on anything and anyone with no fear. She is such a talented woman as well with her Music.
  Kayla was with me every step of the way for the wedding, the bridezilla moments, the fun moments, the "tieing bows" nights... everything. I am sad to say that for her wedding, I wasn't able to be there every overseas made that difficult! but I was able to be there for the special day. What has she taught me??? Kayla has taught me to take on ADVENTURE. She is always up for anything and has such a fun spirit.. and this is what I admire and aspire to be like. She is amazing... I am soooo glad that I was able to be with her the day she got married... It was so special and I couldn't have imagined being over here in Germany on that day!!! I LOVE YOU kayla denise!!!!!

                                        Elizabeth Shahan
 OH lizabeth..... I met liz when I was a little girl, but we didn't come back in contact and begin a friendship until I was a sophmore in High School. And I am soooo thankful for Lawton First Assembly bringing us together again!! The very first night I met liz, she invited me over to her house for a sleepover! haha!! It's so funny because I knew from the second I met her that my answer was HECK YES!! :) We were insepereable after that Wed night at the Mix!! Liz and I worked at the YMCA together as swim teachers where we had MANY hilarious encounters... and scary ones! We spent every day working, tanning, working, eating.. that was our schedule for the summer. :) We went through good times and hard times with each other and we helped each other through ALL of those times.. laughing, tears, making music videos, just being SISTERS.
In High School, we got the chance to go to Haiti together. We became ever closer on this trip.. we slept outside on the porch, loved on the kids, and shared our lives with each other! She has been SUCH an influence on my life.. as well as her entire family. She has such a giving, and passionate heart for everything she lays her hands on. She is going to make a HUGE difference in the lives of woman all around this world. I see her being an ispirational speaker like Beth Moore because she has the ability to make you excited and passionate about life. What has she taught me?? To be sooo in love with the Lord that you CAN NOT go a second without being in touch with Him. She is SOO very passionate about her love for Christ, and it shines through her every day. She is always on the front row of church literally dancing during worship because she is SO full of the Lord. I admire this about her, and I hope that everyday I can be that full of love for the Lord!!

                                                Vanessa Siler
 Vanessa and I became great friends our Junior year is High School... sooo sad that we weren't friends before that because I love her soooo much!!! Once we met, and began our frienship, we were always together! We spent everyday in the summers tanning, talking, laughing, crying, going out to eat, working at YMCA together, going through break-ups together, sleepovers, talking until 4 am, helping and encouraging one another.. and the list could go on and on. Vanessa is soo just BEAUTIFUL. When you see Ness, you see the classiest woman on earth. She is so beautiful on the inside and out. And she is soft and kind.

 We got to go through sooo many fun times together!! When we went our separate ways to college, I had fun coming to visit her, and she made trips to my basketball games, and it was so nice how even in the business of our lives, we still could find time for each other. And the breaks from school were always my fav because I knew I would FINALLY get to see my ness. And she was able to be a part of my wedding and stand next to be as well. AND in December of this year I will be standing next to her as she gets married as well!! It seems like I have known this amazing girl for my whole life, but in reality it has only been 5 years. What has she taught me?? TO be a woman of a gentle spirit like 1 Peter 3 tells us. This verse describes Vanessa to the T. She is so gentle, loving, and kind.. and I being a loud and at times annoying person, have a lot to learn from her. I love you NEss!!
 and lastly....
                                               Gabby Walk
 Gabbs!!!!!!!!!!!! Its a miracle that she came into my life my Senior year. She was coming to AMerica from Aussie land to play basketball and she was going to my high school. The week before she came, the school told us she needed a host family, and so well... what the heck why not! We said yes, and oh did the journey begin!! While sharing a room, it didnt take long for Gabby and I to become nothing less than sisters. We were glued to the other like twins... we had the time of our lives.. and to this day I love her more than I can even write!! We had so many good times... staying up all night dancing the step up dance, laying in bed laughing EVERY night until pops yelled at us, bball roadtrips, family trips, bossing Trent around every second, eating and eating, stealing each others clothes, failing math together, watching movies while sharing the same tiny seat, fighting and more fighting (funny fights not real ones), Bible study, our senior class trip to LA, moving to college, saying our goodbyes, traveling home together from college, seeing her move back to aussie land, being in DEPRESSION from her being gone, visiting her in aussie land, I could type for hours... she is amazing.

She is soo funny, like prob one of the funniest people I have ever met in my life.. Gabby can make me laugh like no one else can... mostly because she is ALWAYS crackin jokes on me.. and she is an amazing athlete. I love watching her play ball and use the talent God gave her. Most of all, I love having fun with Gabby. We are now living in totally diff countries.. and its so hard and sad, but we will be sisters for life. She was able to make it to my wedding and be next to me as my Maid of Honor.. she flew in the day before my wedding, and left the day after... FROM AUSTRALIA! Now thats some family love right there... it was such a sacrifice for her and I am sooo happy that she made it that day. What has Gabby taught me?? To be strong, no matter what. She has some much strength through whatever life throws at her. She is very independant and soooo strong. I am lacking in both of those areas at times, and Gabby really taught me how to be more like that.
I love you sooo much Gabby girl and I miss you!! You will always be my sissy!!!

 Okay, so that was a LONG journey, but because of these girls in my life.. I have learned sooo much and grown into who I am now. I love them all sooo much and pray that God continues our friendships for a lifetime.... I am glad we were able to "Raise Each Other." Love you all!!

Friday, March 25, 2011


 I want to take you on a little adventure .. well kind of Big, of all of the "landmarks" I have been on so far in my life. I have soooo many more I dream of going on, but here is my start!!

 My first adventure that I will take you on is my adventure in college with my roommates to the great land of CHICAGO!! It was suuch a blast, we drove all the way there from Joplin, MO with 5 people stuffed into a little black dodge practically with our luggage in out laps. And ballons, spiderman masks, and other randomness. Jess, my college roommate and best friend lives in the Chicago area so we make a journey one weekend :) We got pulled over twice in a 2 mile radius, it was her birthday (the cops didnt care..), traveled the beautiful city of Chicago, went to Hard Rock Cafe, ate some good home cooked meals and most of all..... WERE RIDICULOUS!!!!! Thanks to Jess, Suzanne and Chrissy I will never forget the wonderful Chicago!!!!!

 Can you say ROADTRIP????????? Spring break what what!!!!! 2 years ago, (wow, was it really that long ago??) Linsey, Shelby and I decided we wanted to the hit the road in my little Honda Civic and go to California!!! (I think I was obsessed with the hills at this point.) So we did just that!! We loaded down my little baby and headed out!! I think the totaly journey there was 24 hours ... we listened to all sorts of Rap music until Linsey wanted to jump out of the car and die.. and Shelby continually voiced that she got the short end of the stick when it came to driving. She referred to every place we stopped to get gas, sleep or eat as "jank."  Some of the crazy memories I have of this trip are, getting in fights with linsey because I am the worst navigator EVER of all time, yelling at shelby for falling asleep at the wheel and almost killing us, her fear of semi's, eating IN and OUT, shopping, beach bumming it, Linsey peircing her nose, Me piercing my tragus, shelby talking smack about getting a tatoo (didnt happen), having a weird obsession with wearing cowgirl boots with every outfit that whole trip (that was just me..), sleeping half the night in a JANK MOTEL, rapping, laughing, EATING... oh the list goes on. Needless to say, this was an amazing trip with my sisters!! We ended it by taking shifts and driving through the entire night to get home, (this was Shelby and I's bright idea)... I wish so badly I could do this trip again!!!!

 INDIANA!!!! This was a LONG and FUN roadtrip that I made with my mom and christian! My roomy, Jess, got married 2 summers ago and I had the honor of being in her wedding! So, the 3 stooges packed up and drove 17 hours to get there! We called this trip a "journey" because it took us SOO long to get there, (christian has ADD and wanted to stop alllll the time.) This trip was wonderful, this is where my mom and my boyfriend at the time really got to bond. The three of us slept in a camper and well, christian kept us laughing as he slept like a rock and shook the camper every time he flipped over. THey got to know each other and my mom fell totally in love with him just like I knew she would once she got to spend time with him. I will NEVER forget this trip. My Jess was the most beautiful bride, and I enjoyed the bonding time with my mom and christian.

HONEYMOON!!! This was well, as I am sure you know.. AMAZING!!! Need I say more?? But really, Florida was beautiful... and as we are known for doing, WE DROVE there. My little honda has had some major miles on it!! This trip was a blast, we stayed right on the beach and loved every min of it!! It was 13 hours to get there and 13 hours back but it was well worth it!!! We had so much fun just getting out an adventuring Florida and making videos with the aligators (we kind of love making videos... we think we are hilarious...) I sit and wish I was back in Florida re- living this trip all over again!! I love you Christian Lawyer, you made our honeymoon perfect!! :)

NEw york, New york.... how I love you. How I dream I was Blaire Waldorf living like the rich and famous and wearing dresses everyday and headbands. I LOVE new york.... I could live there. I love the business, I love the food, I love the SHOPPING.. and did I say I love the Shopping??? This was a trip with my College, it was a leadership training trip and I actually got a grade for going to New york... AMAZING!!


LInsey's Senior year and my Junior year, my parents treated us to the BAHAMAS!! We got to stay at the Atlantis Hotel (like in mary-kate and ashley, dont judge me) and it was the most incredible trip EVER. We literally ate sooo much food and charged so many virgin cocktails to my parents room (without thinking about it, oopps) that I am surprised we didnt look like beach whales. My parents, Trent, Linsey and I had the time of our life on this trip! We felt like royalty for the week! My dad had arragened for the Limo (in pic above) to pick us up from the airport and take us to our hotel and we were soooooo excited. Linsey and I have always had this terrible (but amazing) dream that we would be a big deal, and our life would consist of working in Africa and Haiti (this really is what we are passionate about), and on the terrible side.... only  being beach bums with cocktails in our hands. Those are our passions haha. :) SO for this week, we got to live it up! We had a blast!!!!

Haiti...  this is where I found my passion for missions, ministry and the Lord. When I left Haiti, I left a peice of my heart in Haiti the day I had to leave... and I have dreamed, and written and received letters from all the kids I love there. My dream is to make a difference in Haiti, one day SOON. The children of Hope Foundation changed my life forever.... Jesus showed me how fortunate I am and how blessed I am, and what Hurting really looks like. But in the midst of all the saddness and heaviness, their was SO much JOY. It woke me up and I need it! So here is my heart..... haiti!


I am so sad I dont have more pictures than this since my laptop crashed!! But I got to go to MExico 2 times in High School! Once with my church for a mission trip and once with the Perez Family!! This is when I developed a lifelong, amazing friendship with my KAYLA!!! She has been one of the most important people in my life and I love her SOOOO much... we had air soft gun wars and got in trouble together ALOT!!!!! :) And, I learned that her bodily functions (farts) are NASTAAYYYYYYY haha!! I am sure she loved that I just wrote that... BUT the point is.. this trip was amazing!!

AUSTRALIA!!!  Gooday MATES!!  Now this had been a dream of mine since I was eight years old. And 2 summers ago it came true!! I got to go spend the summer with my Gabby!!!!!! Oh my goodness, it would take me 5 years to explain all of the fun we had..... we went to the beach ALL the time, attempted lots of surfing, shopped WAY to much, ate way to much, drove around in her convertable with our hair blowing and our big sunglasses on, spent the whole trip laughing, Lots of Scenery, got her cute red convertable stuck in the mud, ALMOST got her cute red convertable towed (literally chased the towing man down to get it back) and well... ended the trip with a BANG! ( If I told you what we did, I would have to kill you.. ) I was SOO grateful to spend this time with my gabby girl, let alone in AUSSIE land!! I could DEF live here also!! It was great sister time with her and I loved being with my aussie mum and dad as well!!! :)


The beautiful Switzerland !!!!!! We are currently living about one mile from the border of Switzerland and its soooo gorgeous..
1. This is me in Basel, Switzlerand a few weekends ago. Christian and I decided to take a day trip and get some STARBUCKS!!!!
2. This is also me in Basel another time last summer...
3. This is our family here in Germany :) The Burkharts!! They took Christian and I on a trip to the Swiss Alps where we hiked 3 hours up, and 3 hours down.. (with a 2 hour nap on the top) it was incredible how God created this world and to see it from that point...
4. This is the Rhine River which runs through lots of parts of Europe, I was leaning over pretending it was a high dive I could jump off of into the river!! :)
5. More Swiss ALPS!! and I got a major sunburn.. haha
6. A beautiful lake in Switzerland, I have no idea the name of it because instead of listening I was indulging in some ice cream... :)
7. This is us and our new friends here in Germany at the October Fest :)

and lastly.....

GERMANY!!! Our current home! This is just a few pictures of us in different parts of Germany since we have been here and gotten to travel Germany!!

1. Lorrach, our hometown here, I was at the big festival in Feburary!
2. This is us driving our new car, or should i say Bus.. haha We drive a 15 passenger van :) It fits us just well I might say... :)
3. Lorrach!! Thats us!
4. Vapianos- this is our FAV restraunt here in  Europe, its the best italian food I have had in my life!!!
5. Ragensburg, Germany with abunch of my girlies!!
6. Nurenburg, Germany!
7. Stuttgart, Germany with the Stokes family!!
8. Just one of the many pictures of us freezing our booties off over here!!

 SO, that about raps it up!!! Thanks for going on the journey with me :)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Love at First Creeper :)

So let the story being of how I met and (creeped on) my man! Three decembers ago, after a long fight and lots of tears with my mom, it was time to return to school after a much needed and wonderful Christmas break. I was on the OCC (ozark christian college) basketball team and I did NOT want to go to this upcoming tournament that we were going to be apart of. I was still loving being home, eating moms good food, doing laundry for free, having waynes sweet tea daily... ya know, the norm. But my mom looked at me as I pulled out of the driveway and said these words, "Jan, there is a reason you are supposed to be at this tournament." Don't you hate it when your mom is right?? And man was she... After returning to school and hitting the road with all my best friends and basketball girls... (pictured below)

 We headed to our tournament where I would end up being SOOO happy that I went to. At this tournament, all of the CHristian College teams that were in our region were there. The second night that we were there, we watched Dallas Christian College play. And when I saw that tall, handsome, athletic, red-jersey #20 run out.. well, I ABOUT DIED!! I told my teammates, "we have to watch this game I just fell in love!" So.. like girls and best friends, of COURSE we stayed!! And they joined in on my love fest for nameless #20. For next day or two, we never knew his name we just refered to him as "love of my life." Jordan, Morgan, Kala, Reilly and me would sit in the stands as their team played and I would say things to the girls that I dreamed of telling my #20 (but i was too scared to even make eye contact with him). I would tell them things like, "after he is done playing I will run out to the middle of the court and tell him I am soo in love with him." HAha needless to say, I never ever did this!! As the week long tournament went on, I just fell deeper in love with this man I have never talked to or made eye contact with, only creeped on. He was always playing with all of the kids at this tournament and just seemed like such a fun person, and well, I felt like he was missing out not knowing me!! (thats how I justied in my head that we would most def love me back ha) 
 So, the last day of the tournament had arrived, I was full of sadness knowing this was the last time  I would ever see the man of my dreams. Soon he would be back on his bus to Dallas and I would be back on my bus to Joplin. While I was strapping on my ankle braces for our game, I saw #20 walk out of the guy with his team. I looked at Morgan and said"there goes the love of my life Morgy... I will never smile again." Soon after that came a slap to my head from coach telling me to focus on the game. :) Little did he know I was determined to find my love again!! So, thanks to the many programs which I didn't find until #20 mystery boy was gone, I found his name was Christian Lawyer. And as we all know, these days, that's all the information you need to know thanks to FACEBOOK!!!!!!!
                                              < pictues from our first "meeting" weekend >

 As I returned to Joplin, and told everyone in my dorm that I was a changed girl, a girl in LOVE with someone who doesn't know I am alive!!! :) It kept everyone entertained, and then it happened... with Reilly and Morgan at my side, HE ACCEPTED MY FRIEND REQUEST! I was no longer an unknown face to the mystery #20!! He messaged me and it was all history from there.... 3 months later after LOTS of messaging on the good Facebook, and eventually texting dates and phone dates.... It was time to meet in person. You can imagine my heart was racing for the 3 weeks prior.. and all my girls were dying to know what would happen!! Well, I went to Dallas to see him and to work for Habitat for Humanity. I got to see his servants heart all over again, and fell in love AGAIN (while acting totally cool of course.) At the end of the weekend, I knew I was very fond of this boy and he was very fond of me! Over the course of 4 days we had one hand graze, (and i replayed that in my head dozens of times) but we really just had fun and got to know each other.
 Its all history from there..... then came our relatioship! The long distance dating, meeting in Joplin, dallas, Lawton, and our journey began and I have never looked back, almost 3 years later I am married to literally the man of my dreams and going through life with my best friend.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Daddy's Girl

Before today was our wedding anniversary, it was my daddy's birthday!! He was selfless enough to share the day with us. And well, pretty much let the whole day last year be about me and Christian and his birthday was pushed under the rug just a  tad... but I wanted to make sure that today was all about him! He deserves it! He is a wonderful dad, and I am so thankful to have him! He is a stubborn man, and well... he has most def passed that down to me..(i make sure and remind him of that often.) I have so many memories with my dad... countless basketball games, wearing his shoes around the house when i was little, always holding his hand when going into the grocery store, learning how to not"throw like a girl" in my softball games, making hot dog and cheese croissants every tuesday when mom was gone, coming to countless visits at the firestation (usually so trent could get spanked), him brushing my hair every night before bed, letting me paint his toe nails, being my Valentine every year, being on the other end of the phone through college when I needed my daddy, walking me down the aisle (and crying his eyes out), going through the hardest day of our lives together the day my gma Jo passed away and it was just me and Dad together, holding his hand that day on the way to the car like I was still a little girl who needed just needed my daddy, phone dates while I am over here in Germany where he tells me to stop being stubborn... and countless more memories...

 Dad, since I live across the world and cant really send you a birthday present, I wanted to write your card on here. I love you so much, you have given up so much for our family and have sacrificed more than I even know. You are the best dad and the best head of our family. You raised me in such a unique way that I am so thankful for and hope to raise my children the same way. I am sooo sorry that last year your bday was overlooked by the craziness of my wedding and you almost having an ulcer because I drove you INSANE for 9 months haha :) But remember, you created this monster!! I love you soooo much and I hope you have the best birthday at the golf course eating lunch and playing golf! Enjoy your day and know how much I miss you, look up to you, and love you!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

OnE yEaR aNnIvErSaRy (at least its not snowing today)

 One year ago today... we endured the biggest snow storm of ALL time in oklahoma.... yes, on the day of the supposed to be "garden wedding" which turned into a huge day of Khaos (spell?) but ended with well, the best ending ever... marrying my best friend in the entire world. If I had to go back and re- live that day again, well lets just say I probably wouldnt make it though a second time... haha everything was great until the 4 am ice storm and blizzard... but the great words of Damien Spikereit on the phone that morning told me "janis, regardless of the situation and the weather today, at the end of the day you will still be Mrs. Lawyer" wow did I need to hear that, although it was a little late since I had already gone bridezilla on well... everyone and anyone.

 The point of it all is that its already been one year since that crazy wonderful day. And it has been nothing but a blessing everyday since.. I am so happy to have found my christian.Its like God had been keeping him my little angel my entire life and he is so perfect for me. We just fit. He makes me laugh, he makes cry (ha), he makes me feel so loved, he takes care of me, he has taught me how to be selfless just by his actions, he loves the Lord and it shines through him, he loves kids and pouring into their lives, and hes dang HOT!! I am so glad God had him for me and no one else!

 Christian I would like to share with you how much I adore you, and how much joy you bring into my life. Watching your passion for the Lord, for life, and for our family (just you and me babe) brings joy to my heart. I could not live without you and I mean that with every part of me. You are literally my other half and I love you so much. I learn so much about life from you, I learn how to be more driven. You teach me to never give up on what I want even when its hard and i just want to scream!! You challenge me, (especially with German ) and though at times I want to kill you, thats what  I also love about you.. thank you for choosing me to be your partner in life and your best friend. Thank you taking care of me (and running to the store everytime i forget the ingredients for dinner) you are truly my Angel baby. I love you and happy 1st of many many years together!!! You are my everything!

Friday, March 18, 2011

I have decided to start a blog about all of the crazy, crazy journey that God has taken CHristian and I on since he brought us together 2 years ago. I want to share with you how we met, how we grew together and where we are now! In stinkin Europe!! I think the place to start is how God brought us together, so that will be the first of many journeys I will be taking you on!