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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Daddy's Girl

Before today was our wedding anniversary, it was my daddy's birthday!! He was selfless enough to share the day with us. And well, pretty much let the whole day last year be about me and Christian and his birthday was pushed under the rug just a  tad... but I wanted to make sure that today was all about him! He deserves it! He is a wonderful dad, and I am so thankful to have him! He is a stubborn man, and well... he has most def passed that down to me..(i make sure and remind him of that often.) I have so many memories with my dad... countless basketball games, wearing his shoes around the house when i was little, always holding his hand when going into the grocery store, learning how to not"throw like a girl" in my softball games, making hot dog and cheese croissants every tuesday when mom was gone, coming to countless visits at the firestation (usually so trent could get spanked), him brushing my hair every night before bed, letting me paint his toe nails, being my Valentine every year, being on the other end of the phone through college when I needed my daddy, walking me down the aisle (and crying his eyes out), going through the hardest day of our lives together the day my gma Jo passed away and it was just me and Dad together, holding his hand that day on the way to the car like I was still a little girl who needed just needed my daddy, phone dates while I am over here in Germany where he tells me to stop being stubborn... and countless more memories...

 Dad, since I live across the world and cant really send you a birthday present, I wanted to write your card on here. I love you so much, you have given up so much for our family and have sacrificed more than I even know. You are the best dad and the best head of our family. You raised me in such a unique way that I am so thankful for and hope to raise my children the same way. I am sooo sorry that last year your bday was overlooked by the craziness of my wedding and you almost having an ulcer because I drove you INSANE for 9 months haha :) But remember, you created this monster!! I love you soooo much and I hope you have the best birthday at the golf course eating lunch and playing golf! Enjoy your day and know how much I miss you, look up to you, and love you!

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