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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Love at First Creeper :)

So let the story being of how I met and (creeped on) my man! Three decembers ago, after a long fight and lots of tears with my mom, it was time to return to school after a much needed and wonderful Christmas break. I was on the OCC (ozark christian college) basketball team and I did NOT want to go to this upcoming tournament that we were going to be apart of. I was still loving being home, eating moms good food, doing laundry for free, having waynes sweet tea daily... ya know, the norm. But my mom looked at me as I pulled out of the driveway and said these words, "Jan, there is a reason you are supposed to be at this tournament." Don't you hate it when your mom is right?? And man was she... After returning to school and hitting the road with all my best friends and basketball girls... (pictured below)

 We headed to our tournament where I would end up being SOOO happy that I went to. At this tournament, all of the CHristian College teams that were in our region were there. The second night that we were there, we watched Dallas Christian College play. And when I saw that tall, handsome, athletic, red-jersey #20 run out.. well, I ABOUT DIED!! I told my teammates, "we have to watch this game I just fell in love!" So.. like girls and best friends, of COURSE we stayed!! And they joined in on my love fest for nameless #20. For next day or two, we never knew his name we just refered to him as "love of my life." Jordan, Morgan, Kala, Reilly and me would sit in the stands as their team played and I would say things to the girls that I dreamed of telling my #20 (but i was too scared to even make eye contact with him). I would tell them things like, "after he is done playing I will run out to the middle of the court and tell him I am soo in love with him." HAha needless to say, I never ever did this!! As the week long tournament went on, I just fell deeper in love with this man I have never talked to or made eye contact with, only creeped on. He was always playing with all of the kids at this tournament and just seemed like such a fun person, and well, I felt like he was missing out not knowing me!! (thats how I justied in my head that we would most def love me back ha) 
 So, the last day of the tournament had arrived, I was full of sadness knowing this was the last time  I would ever see the man of my dreams. Soon he would be back on his bus to Dallas and I would be back on my bus to Joplin. While I was strapping on my ankle braces for our game, I saw #20 walk out of the guy with his team. I looked at Morgan and said"there goes the love of my life Morgy... I will never smile again." Soon after that came a slap to my head from coach telling me to focus on the game. :) Little did he know I was determined to find my love again!! So, thanks to the many programs which I didn't find until #20 mystery boy was gone, I found his name was Christian Lawyer. And as we all know, these days, that's all the information you need to know thanks to FACEBOOK!!!!!!!
                                              < pictues from our first "meeting" weekend >

 As I returned to Joplin, and told everyone in my dorm that I was a changed girl, a girl in LOVE with someone who doesn't know I am alive!!! :) It kept everyone entertained, and then it happened... with Reilly and Morgan at my side, HE ACCEPTED MY FRIEND REQUEST! I was no longer an unknown face to the mystery #20!! He messaged me and it was all history from there.... 3 months later after LOTS of messaging on the good Facebook, and eventually texting dates and phone dates.... It was time to meet in person. You can imagine my heart was racing for the 3 weeks prior.. and all my girls were dying to know what would happen!! Well, I went to Dallas to see him and to work for Habitat for Humanity. I got to see his servants heart all over again, and fell in love AGAIN (while acting totally cool of course.) At the end of the weekend, I knew I was very fond of this boy and he was very fond of me! Over the course of 4 days we had one hand graze, (and i replayed that in my head dozens of times) but we really just had fun and got to know each other.
 Its all history from there..... then came our relatioship! The long distance dating, meeting in Joplin, dallas, Lawton, and our journey began and I have never looked back, almost 3 years later I am married to literally the man of my dreams and going through life with my best friend.

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