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Friday, March 25, 2011


 I want to take you on a little adventure .. well kind of Big, of all of the "landmarks" I have been on so far in my life. I have soooo many more I dream of going on, but here is my start!!

 My first adventure that I will take you on is my adventure in college with my roommates to the great land of CHICAGO!! It was suuch a blast, we drove all the way there from Joplin, MO with 5 people stuffed into a little black dodge practically with our luggage in out laps. And ballons, spiderman masks, and other randomness. Jess, my college roommate and best friend lives in the Chicago area so we make a journey one weekend :) We got pulled over twice in a 2 mile radius, it was her birthday (the cops didnt care..), traveled the beautiful city of Chicago, went to Hard Rock Cafe, ate some good home cooked meals and most of all..... WERE RIDICULOUS!!!!! Thanks to Jess, Suzanne and Chrissy I will never forget the wonderful Chicago!!!!!

 Can you say ROADTRIP????????? Spring break what what!!!!! 2 years ago, (wow, was it really that long ago??) Linsey, Shelby and I decided we wanted to the hit the road in my little Honda Civic and go to California!!! (I think I was obsessed with the hills at this point.) So we did just that!! We loaded down my little baby and headed out!! I think the totaly journey there was 24 hours ... we listened to all sorts of Rap music until Linsey wanted to jump out of the car and die.. and Shelby continually voiced that she got the short end of the stick when it came to driving. She referred to every place we stopped to get gas, sleep or eat as "jank."  Some of the crazy memories I have of this trip are, getting in fights with linsey because I am the worst navigator EVER of all time, yelling at shelby for falling asleep at the wheel and almost killing us, her fear of semi's, eating IN and OUT, shopping, beach bumming it, Linsey peircing her nose, Me piercing my tragus, shelby talking smack about getting a tatoo (didnt happen), having a weird obsession with wearing cowgirl boots with every outfit that whole trip (that was just me..), sleeping half the night in a JANK MOTEL, rapping, laughing, EATING... oh the list goes on. Needless to say, this was an amazing trip with my sisters!! We ended it by taking shifts and driving through the entire night to get home, (this was Shelby and I's bright idea)... I wish so badly I could do this trip again!!!!

 INDIANA!!!! This was a LONG and FUN roadtrip that I made with my mom and christian! My roomy, Jess, got married 2 summers ago and I had the honor of being in her wedding! So, the 3 stooges packed up and drove 17 hours to get there! We called this trip a "journey" because it took us SOO long to get there, (christian has ADD and wanted to stop alllll the time.) This trip was wonderful, this is where my mom and my boyfriend at the time really got to bond. The three of us slept in a camper and well, christian kept us laughing as he slept like a rock and shook the camper every time he flipped over. THey got to know each other and my mom fell totally in love with him just like I knew she would once she got to spend time with him. I will NEVER forget this trip. My Jess was the most beautiful bride, and I enjoyed the bonding time with my mom and christian.

HONEYMOON!!! This was well, as I am sure you know.. AMAZING!!! Need I say more?? But really, Florida was beautiful... and as we are known for doing, WE DROVE there. My little honda has had some major miles on it!! This trip was a blast, we stayed right on the beach and loved every min of it!! It was 13 hours to get there and 13 hours back but it was well worth it!!! We had so much fun just getting out an adventuring Florida and making videos with the aligators (we kind of love making videos... we think we are hilarious...) I sit and wish I was back in Florida re- living this trip all over again!! I love you Christian Lawyer, you made our honeymoon perfect!! :)

NEw york, New york.... how I love you. How I dream I was Blaire Waldorf living like the rich and famous and wearing dresses everyday and headbands. I LOVE new york.... I could live there. I love the business, I love the food, I love the SHOPPING.. and did I say I love the Shopping??? This was a trip with my College, it was a leadership training trip and I actually got a grade for going to New york... AMAZING!!


LInsey's Senior year and my Junior year, my parents treated us to the BAHAMAS!! We got to stay at the Atlantis Hotel (like in mary-kate and ashley, dont judge me) and it was the most incredible trip EVER. We literally ate sooo much food and charged so many virgin cocktails to my parents room (without thinking about it, oopps) that I am surprised we didnt look like beach whales. My parents, Trent, Linsey and I had the time of our life on this trip! We felt like royalty for the week! My dad had arragened for the Limo (in pic above) to pick us up from the airport and take us to our hotel and we were soooooo excited. Linsey and I have always had this terrible (but amazing) dream that we would be a big deal, and our life would consist of working in Africa and Haiti (this really is what we are passionate about), and on the terrible side.... only  being beach bums with cocktails in our hands. Those are our passions haha. :) SO for this week, we got to live it up! We had a blast!!!!

Haiti...  this is where I found my passion for missions, ministry and the Lord. When I left Haiti, I left a peice of my heart in Haiti the day I had to leave... and I have dreamed, and written and received letters from all the kids I love there. My dream is to make a difference in Haiti, one day SOON. The children of Hope Foundation changed my life forever.... Jesus showed me how fortunate I am and how blessed I am, and what Hurting really looks like. But in the midst of all the saddness and heaviness, their was SO much JOY. It woke me up and I need it! So here is my heart..... haiti!


I am so sad I dont have more pictures than this since my laptop crashed!! But I got to go to MExico 2 times in High School! Once with my church for a mission trip and once with the Perez Family!! This is when I developed a lifelong, amazing friendship with my KAYLA!!! She has been one of the most important people in my life and I love her SOOOO much... we had air soft gun wars and got in trouble together ALOT!!!!! :) And, I learned that her bodily functions (farts) are NASTAAYYYYYYY haha!! I am sure she loved that I just wrote that... BUT the point is.. this trip was amazing!!

AUSTRALIA!!!  Gooday MATES!!  Now this had been a dream of mine since I was eight years old. And 2 summers ago it came true!! I got to go spend the summer with my Gabby!!!!!! Oh my goodness, it would take me 5 years to explain all of the fun we had..... we went to the beach ALL the time, attempted lots of surfing, shopped WAY to much, ate way to much, drove around in her convertable with our hair blowing and our big sunglasses on, spent the whole trip laughing, Lots of Scenery, got her cute red convertable stuck in the mud, ALMOST got her cute red convertable towed (literally chased the towing man down to get it back) and well... ended the trip with a BANG! ( If I told you what we did, I would have to kill you.. ) I was SOO grateful to spend this time with my gabby girl, let alone in AUSSIE land!! I could DEF live here also!! It was great sister time with her and I loved being with my aussie mum and dad as well!!! :)


The beautiful Switzerland !!!!!! We are currently living about one mile from the border of Switzerland and its soooo gorgeous..
1. This is me in Basel, Switzlerand a few weekends ago. Christian and I decided to take a day trip and get some STARBUCKS!!!!
2. This is also me in Basel another time last summer...
3. This is our family here in Germany :) The Burkharts!! They took Christian and I on a trip to the Swiss Alps where we hiked 3 hours up, and 3 hours down.. (with a 2 hour nap on the top) it was incredible how God created this world and to see it from that point...
4. This is the Rhine River which runs through lots of parts of Europe, I was leaning over pretending it was a high dive I could jump off of into the river!! :)
5. More Swiss ALPS!! and I got a major sunburn.. haha
6. A beautiful lake in Switzerland, I have no idea the name of it because instead of listening I was indulging in some ice cream... :)
7. This is us and our new friends here in Germany at the October Fest :)

and lastly.....

GERMANY!!! Our current home! This is just a few pictures of us in different parts of Germany since we have been here and gotten to travel Germany!!

1. Lorrach, our hometown here, I was at the big festival in Feburary!
2. This is us driving our new car, or should i say Bus.. haha We drive a 15 passenger van :) It fits us just well I might say... :)
3. Lorrach!! Thats us!
4. Vapianos- this is our FAV restraunt here in  Europe, its the best italian food I have had in my life!!!
5. Ragensburg, Germany with abunch of my girlies!!
6. Nurenburg, Germany!
7. Stuttgart, Germany with the Stokes family!!
8. Just one of the many pictures of us freezing our booties off over here!!

 SO, that about raps it up!!! Thanks for going on the journey with me :)

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  1. Reading this makeks me all the more ready for my European vacation this summer!!! Love your stories!