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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A day in the Life

 So, the question always is.. What are you doing in Germany?? What is your life like over there?? SO, I thought the most beneficial way to share that with everyone was to blog about it! So, I am going to take you on a little journey of a few of the things we are doing over here in good old Deutschland!! First of all, we are both working in the school system's. Christian is working at the FES (free evangelstic school) where he teaches Basketball, American CUlture, and is what I like to call "Recess Man." He enjoys his job and unfortunately I don't have a picture of the school he works at, but goodness gracious it is soooo beautiful and modern..But since I dont have a picture of his school.. here is picture of him. :) He's a cutie pie.

 I am working at the Hans Thoma Gymnasium... It is the public school, or one of the public schools in our village. It's an older school but still very beautiful. Different from all the school's back at home. I am the "Recess Lady" at my school as well, but really I just hang out with all the kids and learn to play soccer and other crazy games with all the kids.. I also get a lot of practice with my German with all the kids. Telling them to stop climbing trees and yelling at them (in a not scary voice at all.) BUT the best part about my job... is ... well, I get to wear a FANNY PACK!!! yyaayyayaya!!! haha... Don't worry, they won't be coming back in style. haha Here are some pictures of what I get to see everymorning on my walk to school...

 And here is my school... It's so old in the front, and in the back they have remodeled it to be new and modern. Yes, (in case your wandering) kids throw stuff out of those big windows at me all the time. ANNOYING. haha

Christian is also playin basketball with his team the Herren 1. And he coaches the womens team, a 16 year old team, and a 14 year old team. HE is one busy COACH! But, the kids love him...

I also work here in this Cafe. It is called the Kamelion and it is offiliated with the YMCA. It's an outreach to the school I am working at. Its located right across the street and they are open during school hours and serve meals and offer love to all the kids! I get the honor of working here on Tuesday's and cooking and seeing all the kiddo's!!!!

 Now for the FUN part... Not really.. haha CHristian and I work at a restraunt called the "Funfschilling" where we serve food, coffee, drinks and CLEAN. This is a big restraunt with TONS of people there everyday.. Its basically the Applebee's or Chilli's of Germany. Only WAY prettier inside.

Here is the church we are a part of. CHristian and I attend some of the youth group stuff and I work once a month with the 3-6 year olds. SO CUTE!!!! Only.. they speak german and well, sometimes with my little knowledge of german it gets kind of tricky... Lots of funny language barrier stories...

And lastly. OUR BIBLE STUDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Every Monday night we host a bbile study for athletes at our house. Its beyond amazing and God is doing Mighty things with this...We are gettingg  deep into the word and really challenging our kids and ourselves. It has been the biggest blessing in our lives.

ANd  how could I forget our humble aboad???? Here is some pictures of our little German home!!!

 We are having a good time over here across the pond.. yes, there are MANY hard times.. being so far away from family and everything we know. But it has been a big growing step for us as individuals and as a couple. I love being on this adventure with my other half.. Bis dan. (until next time..)

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