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Sunday, April 3, 2011

OnLy Us....

 As you all already know, I love my husband with ALL of heart... he is an angel that God created for me 23 years ago. He is my best friend in the whole world and I could not imagine life (and its craziness) without him... ALONG with our love, we always seem to have the craziest things happen to "only us." Do you ever have those days that you think, "This WOULD happen to me...." WELL... we have had a TON of these memories in the last 3 years..its RIDONCULOUS. (my mom's new term for crazy stuff that happens.. I am embracing it now as well..) YEsterday we had one of these crazy days... But first, let me tell you of two other CRAZY days we have had.

 Two years ago at Christmas time, as you Texoma people know we had a crazy SNOW storm. This was the first (of what would be MANY) of our snow storms we survived together, this time.. as an Engaged couple. Christian and I had driven to Columbia, MS to visit his grandparents for Christmas. On the way there, it was warm..beautiful weather. We even had the windows down and were loving it!! So we spent a few days there, and on CHristmas Eve day we had to drive back to OKlahoma to spend christmas day with my family. This trip was only an 8 hour trip... OH but not that day. We set out SUPER early like 7 am..(okay to me thats SUPER early..) and all the sudden we see little snow flurries. WHAT in the WORLD??? haha.. It was like summer yesterday!! Well, little did we know we were in For a Christmas Eve to remember.

 Okay our car was not near this cool... BUT you get the point. LOTS of snow started coming down and people were having wrecks all over the place. As we continued at the speed of umm....20 mph.. we were making NO progress. To sum up a LONG story.. it ended up taking us one entire day (from 7 am- 10 pm) Just to get to Dallas. We had Christmas Eve dinner in an old Applebee's on the side of the Highway and we were the ONLY customers... and they were hurrying us out! HAHA! Who has Christmas Eve dinner at Applebee's in the middle of Po-Dunk town???? Only US. After staying with some friends of ours that night, we set out at 10 am the next mornin for Wichita Falls, Texas.. where my family was. From Dallas to Wichita Falls is MAYBE a 2 hour drive. BUT this day, it was nearly 10 hours. We actually got out of the car at one point in stand still traffic and had a Snow ball fight.... on highway 287. Pretty Awesome. When we FINALLY got to Wichita falls, we had the windows down (why? I have no idea..) and a HUGE tahoe went by us spraying our car and us with ice and we did a 180..... SCARED out of our mind.. and SOAKING WET with ice stuck in our eyes and hair.. we somehow survived that without having a wreck. WIth Soaked undies and clothes.... we one hour later made it for Christmas Dinner.

 Snow Storm #2. On March 20th, the first day of SPRING, was our wedding day. AS you see in the picture, it wasn't exactly sunny. Which would not have been a problem if our wedding wasn't supposed to be a GARDEN wedding. The night before our wedding was our rehearsal and dinner. We practiced the ceremony outdoors and everything was beautiful and sunny and the weather was in the high 80's.. PERFECT for our garden wedding.

As you see, the weather was amazing... that night while I was sleeping, I woke up at 4 am to the sound of ICE sticking to my windows. I woke Gabby up and I was FREAKING out... bridezilla moment for sure!! We went outside the next morning to literally, a BLIZZARD. All of the decorations in the back were destroyed, you couldn't see the chairs or anything. BUT I was determined that we would have this wedding outside anyways. I had dreamed of an outdoor wedding since I was a little girl, and I could not believe my dream was being ruined!!! BUT after a long long day of tears, stress and some MAJOR talking to ... 3 hours before the wedding, I decided it was time to have the wedding inside. SO, all of the amazing people in my life were outside in the snow, cleaning all the chairs and decorations and moving the wedding into our training center. (which was already very decorated for the reception.) Needless to say, the wedding ended up beautiful thanks to all of the people in our life.

 Lastly, YESTERDAY. Yesterday was one of these crazy days where CHristian and I never ever used our brains the entire day. We decided to have a day date in town and go walking and find some pretty plants for our garden. First of all, we didn't realize how much we DO NOT know about flowers... we had NO idea which ones to buy, and when we came home to plant it... well, I think its already dead. YIKES! BUT..We had a great time while in town walking, having coffee, shopping some, etc... Our walk to town from our house is about 15 min. After walking all day we were beyond tired and ready to go home and start working in our garden. Once we walked all the way home, literally almost to our house. Christian realizes he has lost our house keys..somewhere in town. OH MY GOODNESS! Can I just say that if I would have been the one to lose the keys it would a WHOLE other story...that was a side note, sorry! ANywho... so, we walked BACK to town and re-traced ALL of our steps ALL over town (which was flooded with people)... while in town we witnessed a fight and a chase down... (intense!) We never found the keys after an hour of searching, so we were worried. Luckily, I had my keys so we could get back in the house. When we FINALLY got home... we found none other than.. HIS KEYS.. on HIS dresser. WOW. that is all I have to say.. WOW.
 After this, we went to dinner at a family friend's house. After we left, Christian left his sunglasses at their house and they walked ALL the way to our house just to return them. WOW. This is all I have to say, WOW. Next.. we decided we wanted a late night Mcdonalds date.. (we love those) SO, we walked (about 15 min) down to Mcdonalds, got up to order and OH ... christian forgot the money. WOW. SO, we walked allllllll the way back home to use the ATM and then went ALLLLL the way back. At this point, we were like zombies from walking all over Germany because christian was out of his mind. WOW. SO, after a long day of christian doing things that normally only I would do... He can NO longer get mad at me for silly stuff I do and forget.

 BUT... the good thing was we got to regain our childhood while jumping on a trampoline the entire evening... it was amazing!!! Thats all of our crazy stories for now.. but believe me there are many more.. :) Thanks  CHristian for ALWAYS making our life so interesting!!! Only Us.

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