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Friday, April 1, 2011

My Addiction

Yes, you guessed it.... SHOPPING

 If I could take a guess at what my first words were as a little girl... I would guess it would have been "SALE!" Ever since I can remember, I have been in LOVE with shopping!! My dad always tells the story of me in kindergarten. Apparantly, one morning while he was helping me get ready for school, he came into my room and I still wasn't dressed..(probably staring in my closet with my finger in my mouth like I still do now..) And he asked me why I wasn't ready for school yet and I looked at him and said, "Well dad, I have a problem... I have already worn everything in my closet, what do I about this?" SOO I guess I thought I could only wear an outfit one time... (that story makes me sound bratty but I promise I was a sweet little girl!) Of course I had my rough days as well... pictured below..

 I am guessing this is one of those days that I ran out of outfits... :) So, as I have grown and matured.... I have yet to OUTGROW this addiction and problem of mine. You know that feeling you get when you get to go to town to see all the new clothes in the stores..(or if you go every weekend you have the whole store memorized..oops. ha) And you feel like you should just spend the whole day trying on all the clothes and mix matching all the outfits to see what you can come up with! When I walk into a store and see racks of clothes and shoes with the word "SALE" I go crazy.. and I will even have dreams about these sale items.. and how they need a home, a home in my closet, for me to wear one time. I think the best thing about clothes, accessories, and shoes is.. you can be as creative as you want. You have to make your own style and come up with your own outfits and ideas.. My husband quite often refers to my style as "quirky"... not sure if thats a good thing or a bad thing... but I am roling with it because I like to be crazy with my style and be bold with it!
 Any of my friends can tell you that I am the girl that will buy something simply because it is less than 10 dollars. If it is on sale, and I even sort of like it... It goes home with me. BEcause you never know when you might look in your closet and fall in love with that item all over again right?? I am obsessed with fashion magazines and online "window" shopping.. I also LOVE to observe what everyone around me is wearing and want the exact same thing! Living in Europe, the land of HIGH fashion... has done nothing but INCREASE this addiction. You can ask christian or our check book... It is SO hard! Here are some things I love..

Where we are living, EVERY girl wears leggings with everything... and boots of course. I happen to have a love for boots of all kinds anyways, but man... now I have totally grasped the legging look also... ONCE again: IF you love shopping, do NOT move to Europe.

  Also, everyone here loves vests... and I LOVE vests.. of all sorts. Also this picture demonstrates my love for chunky braclets. Oh how I could not live without chunky braclets in my life! (Okay that sounds so worldly, but this is about my problem area.)

 Okay, this picture I love because I love Blaire and I love Gossip girl, mostly because I love the fashion of the show. BUT what I love is well.... headbands!! I love to wear flowers in my hair, headbands, bows.. all of the above.

                                                           one of my many flowers!!

Christian has a mini heartattack everytime I walk out of the bathroom after getting ready and have a huge bow or flower in my hair. He is not a fan, but I am convinced I will turn him into one with time. :)

 I have an obsession with Sundresses and Cowgirl boots as well. Okay, actually I would and have worn cowgirl boots with shorts..leggings, big t shirts, my swim suit, dresses... its kind of ridiculous. Ask Linsey Dipprey... she will agree with this statement. I just always wanted to be a cowgirl because I lived on 5 acres of land.. haha Which DEF did not make me a cowgirl, (and the fact that I am terrified of horses and cows after a traic experience riding horses in South Padre and with cows while attempting to Tip Cows..) Soo not a cowgirl. But who says I cant dress like one right?? Here is a picture of me abusing the look..

                                     Attention: Call the Fashion Police...

 I also have a love for Make-up. I can spend hours on you tube watching how to do your make up more drastic or what to buy and what not to buy. This obsession can be 100% blamed on my mother though really. She is a Mary Kay Sales Director with a love for make up which was passed down to me.. so I can't really be held accountable for this problem. At least thats what I tell myself... SO, after a lot of thinking and consideration about my shopping addiction this is the conclusion I have to make...

                                        I hope you enjoyed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. O jan, I can so relate to you with the shopping! Uh, yea I totally have a problem, haha. Talk about lusting. So, make sure you save a little for when I come in November, shop-shop-shop! :) I mean come on, we need to look good for the holidays right?? :) xo